my cover letter as a poem

to whom it may concern:

congratulations, lucky winner, you are my 200th cover letter/ i keep track because as a poet i understand/ that i will always send 200 pleas into the void for one maybe/ that there will always be too many footsteps between the milestones/ so you might as well stomp them into the ground/ so the earth doesn’t forget about you/ because if you’re out here, the earth might’ve forgotten about you//

my qualifications are as follows:/ i can do everything the hard way because the easy way has a paywall/ being an immigrant means knowing how to survive off needles in haystacks/ i learned everything i need to know/ about budget and expense reports/ from watching my mother hoard post-season/ clearance/ last chance /so last chance it’s almost free/ to be honest just please get this shit out of our store/ school supplies and clothing in our basement/ clearance tags were my favorite designer label before thrifting got trendy/ you heard that right/ i can spot trends//

i am familiarly acquainted with the obstacle/ in fact, i have run into him so many times we are best friends/ in fact, he is so tired of seeing me/ these days, he doesn’t even ask for the password/ he doesn’t make me solve anymore riddles/ he just lets me swing right through//

my strengths are as follows:/ if you start to sink/ just like my life savings right now/ these refugee hands know how to build a boat/ out of every dear life it can find to hold onto/ this body only knows how to float/ this refugee body is the most adaptable one size fits all/ whether you need this body to be a hammer or a nail/ to bring you back from collapse/ this is the only body that has rebuilt and remade itself//

i already know your answer is maybe/ and here i’ve written you a poem anyway/ because i should’ve given up 100 cover letters ago/ i should’ve just gone home/ but hope is what keeps me afloat/ and persistence is the only way i’ll survive/ you won’t find that in any internship experience/ but i was born endowed with it/ so i look forward to hearing from you soon//

yours sincerely// me

Kimberly NguyenComment