Hold Me Like You Hold Your M16

Hold me tight like you hold your M16
and together we’ll circle around this room,
guard built up,
lives laid down,
and you will see that while you made your sacrifices,
I made them too.
Long and slender I’ll fit into your hands
just as well as your M16
and I’ll let you decide which you like the feel of more.

Hold me tight like you hold your M16,
the cold metal not too unlike the smooth wood
of the guitar you learned to play not long ago.
I bet you don’t remember that you can play guitar,
but I spent every day on the other side of the thin walls
of the room in which you slowly learned to trust your hands
singing along to your simple melody.
I remember who you were before you picked up an M16
so it’s okay if you don’t.

Hold me tight like you hold your M16,
although I know you can’t
for all you’ve ever known
is how to take your aim
and kill.
So you took your aim and slowly killed me.

And I loved you enough to lay down my life
in a way that you could never emulate
so when the gunshot rang,
I surrendered
and let it.